Some things that men can do that have feet fetish

If you have a constant fixation for foot, then you are not alone in that opinion. Along with you, so many other men are also there that can have feet fetish and they may have sexual attraction for foot. IF you also have same kind of busty girlfetishism and, then so many things are there that can help you have amazing fun with foot fetishism. In case you are wondering how to have fun for your feet fetish, then following are few things that you can do for same.

You can give foot massage: If you have a beautiful and sexy female partner that love to get a massage, then you can give a foot massage to her. When you would give the foot massage to a girl then it will give happiness to and it would give sensual pleasure to you as well for your fetishism. Good thing about this method of having pleasure for your fetishism is that you just need to start the same and then you can have fantastic outcome with ease.

Some of you may not have any idea how to give a good foot massage, then I would help you in that as well. For this, you can start the same with a good by washing her feet and then you can clean it with a soft towel.You would like doing to because of your feet fetish. After that just put some massage lotion and rub it gently on her feet get pleasure in the feet fetish.

Take photos of foot: For pleasing your feet fetish, you can also take foot photos of various girls. Indeed, many girls would not have agreement with your feet fetish and they may not feel comfortable when you would share you fetishism theory and want with them. But if you can share it properly and if you have good convincing power, then girls would not only understand that, but they would also agree with your choice.

While clicking photos of sexy feet of Viber Escorts, you need to make sure that you do not touch them in improper way. Your feet fetish may encourage you to do so, but you should keep this thing in your mind. By having your

fetishism feeling controlled, you are going to have good response from girl and you can have other fun things as well with them to please your fetishism.

You can do part time work in a beauty parlor: I agree, this may sound a dumb idea, but this is one of those thing that you can do to have fun as per your fetishism opinion. When you would join as a part time trainee there, then mostly they would ask you to do only pedicure and foot massage for a very long time. This is something that can give pleasure to you according to your feet fetish and you can have some earning as well. However, this idea would work for your fetishism thing only if you would choose a place that is there only for females and they would have no issue giving training to you in this particular field.